Theft and Fraud

The attorneys at Nolan Barton & Olmos defend theft cases of all scales and levels of complexity, from simple misdemeanor shoplifting (Penal Code section 484/488) to complicated mail fraud, wire fraud and embezzlement cases in state and federal courts. (Penal Code sections 459.5, 484/487, 503; 18 U.S.C. sections 1341, 1343.)

We are especially attentive to the long-term consequence of any conviction involving dishonesty. A conviction for such an offense is not only embarrassing to disclose, but may create real adverse consequences for employment and professional licensing. For non-citizens, conviction of any theft offense constitutes a crime of moral turpitude and may trigger significant immigration consequences.

Complex theft offenses are not exclusively handled by federal courts: Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties are aggressive in pursuing embezzlement, trade secret theft, securities violations, computer crimes, real estate frauds, insurance frauds, workers compensation frauds and contracting/construction frauds. For larger scale and more complex cases of theft or fraud, whether in state or federal court, it is often necessary to consult with accountants, computer scientists, and other experts with special knowledge related to the charges.

The attorneys at Nolan Barton & Olmos are experienced in handling complex cases with voluminous technical evidence. We have achieved acquittals at jury and court trials in cases of petty theft, grand theft, theft of trade secrets, and fraud.